I was born in a bathtub. That's got nothing to do with my professional bio but it's a great way to start. After discovering my degree in sculpture wasn't going to pay my rent, I began my design career in San Francisco during the dot-com boom.
I bounced around different companies doing print production work and after a few years landed a permanent gig at a large ad agency. It was there I received invaluable on-the-job training in design fundamentals. At the same time, I was teaching myself HTML and CSS because I ultimately wanted to design for screens.
In 2009 I moved to Guatemala – as good a place as any to weather out the recession – and made my quetzales by designing websites for start-ups funded by Y Combinator.
When I moved back to the US in 2012, I quickly realized most of my design peers had moved to product design. I started contracting at software companies like CA Technologies, Invodo, and Spiceworks. I'm now happy to hang my hat at IBM, where I can truly merge my love of design and technology.